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August 22nd, 2020 - FIRESIDE Marketing

In the last 4 months, we have onboarded 53 estate planning clients, all without any advertising, but the funny thing is, we didn't intend to specialize in this niche at all!

For us, it started with just one special Client, Pam, an estate planning attorney from Denver Colorado.

Like most estate planners, Pam had tried many other ways to generate leads but the results did not generate the consistent returns she needed to grow her practice. When she did get a campaign to work, many of the prospects that showed up were not ready to pull the trigger, or couldn't afford the $3,000+ she charges for her services.

We worked in partnership with Pam to learn about estate planning and what it takes to get these apathetic customers off the fence and into an office (or virtual meeting today, of course).

Our teams built and tested different marketing techniques and campaigns, learning as we went.  First, we cracked the code of how to find the right people and get them to show up.  Next, it was how to make sure they were ready for an estate planner, and finally, it was to dial in the exact targeting criteria we needed to find the ones with the right income levels.

As of today's date, Pam activates campaigns twice a month and gets real prospects to show up for under $9 each!

Pam was so happy with her results that she started sharing her success with her attorney networking groups, and now here we are with more than 50 estate planning pros like you! 

What is great about our model is that we have no long term contracts and our services are a low, fixed fee, and so there was virtually no risk for them to jump in and try us too.

By not having long term contracts we have to get our Clients up and running quickly AND we have to make the campaigns work in order for them to want to stay. We have found the right way to do both, over and over again.

There are no secrets to what we do.
There are no courses or templates to buy.
There are no systems to implement.

Instead, we take the exact process and formula that we know works and we customize it to suit each new estate planning Client.

Will you be next?

Client quote - Samantha M. Allen, Esq: Don’t go shopping around. You will not find a better deal anywhere else that includes expertise paid marketing, unlimited knowledge, passion, drive, impeccable execution, and top customer service. As a former marketing director myself for over 10 years now turned Lawyer trust me Fireside is top-notch. Brittany and Dax care about each client. They work with each client to make sure campaigns are results-driven. 

And results! I have had results even as an estate planning lawyer, something no one wants to think about ever and my profession tends to put most to sleep. Brittany gets it, she makes people want my product! She gets potential clients, lots of them in front of me, yes for estate planning! My income has grown exponentially, and my brand awareness has grown beyond my expectations! I’m serious when I tell you hire, Fireside! 
New customers delivered. 
Using this same combination of strategy + messaging + targeting, we have been able to replicate these results over and over again for estate planning attorneys just like Pam.... and just like you!

Our Clients benefit from...
  • No more empty calendars
  • Qualified prospects ready for an estate plan
  • No long term contracts or commitments
  • Everything set up for you, ready to go
  • US-based team of marketing experts
  • A thriving, successful, practice
We start with a simple, completely free, 30-minute call to assess your suitability and to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

If we mutually agree it is a match we typically have new Clients up and running in less than 14 days.

REAL Feedback Forms From Existing Estate Planning Clients...

(These are real screenshots from our internal systems that show the feedback forms our Clients submit after a campaign. )
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